Haiti Repentance 2014-2024

It's been almost nine years since the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, and it can now be confirmed that the material devastation and countless loss of lives had no significant spiritual impact on any sector of the population. None!

I recall stating in a previous article that as early as three days after the quake all hearts had experienced a backslid to their initial pre-quake position and condition.

Those events seem now as an old movie… hundreds of countries came to the rescue, millions of people responded to the Haitian nation’s call for help! Medical teams, rescue squads, construction workers, food supplies… there was no lack of assistance. On the religious side, it wasn’t any different. Come to think of it, the very first group to land its plane on Haitian ground was the church of Scientology. I am not kidding! They quickly rented houses in the suburbs of Port-au-Prince and began distributing water and food to the public. Needless to say that their “conversion” rate was astronomically high! Like the crowd that had once been fed by the Lord, thousands kept coming to those Scientology sites daily, hoping to get more food stuff.

You see, emotions are powerful enough to deceive even true believers in Christ! Not necessarily a deception to believe in a different gospel, but rather to believe in a different way to preach the gospel! Aren’t we quick to go and preach a soft version of the gospel, a pat-in-the-back sort of gospel to those who are mourning, those who are sick, and those who are experiencing some hardship? Nothing in Scripture suggests that people are more inclined to receive the word of God and place their trust in Christ when they are down or facing difficult situations. A show of love and compassion is with no doubt a natural Christian response in those circumstances; however, that is not to be confused with the gospel of God’s grace by faith in Christ alone.

Sadly, the evangelical missions came over to Haiti with that same mindset. They chose to compete with the secular and other religious groups in caring solely for the body, totally neglecting the soul. Their interest was the food that perishes over the food of eternal life. Sure, calls for repentance were heard here and there, but they were mainly supporting the idea that Haiti’s supposed contract with the devil was the cause of this terrible disaster.

Fast-forward almost nine years after the earthquake, Haiti is in a worse spiritual condition.

It is urgent that we preach repentance and the gospel of grace through faith in Christ to the world in these last days. That’s why OSS Ministry, as the Lord guides, will spend a decade praying and preaching the Gospel through the entire country of Haiti. OSS is not a Johnny-come-lately in the fight to preach the true gospel to the Haitian people; we’ve been in existence for nineteen years. We will visit the ten geographical departments, set foot in the one hundred and forty Communes, and give the message of repentance in each of the five hundred and eighty Communal Sections, during those ten years!

From January 1st 2014 to the end, I will touch every Communal Sections. With just one message: “Repent of your sins, and believe in the Son of God!”

“The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”

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We count on your involvement in Haiti Repentance, and look forward to hearing from you. We pray that you persevere in the faith in these last days, continuing to glorify the name of the Lord.

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