It's Christmas Again!


Most, I am sure, have either heard or read this phrase: “Jesus is the reason for the season”

Many view this statement as completely ludicrous, because they know Jesus was not born in the month of December. In fact, any well informed person would recognize that shepherds in Palestine were never in the fields during the period going from October to March. It is a much too cold of a climate for them and their flock to remain outside.

Another group of people simply refute the statement because the Bible, they argue, never made any mention of the month when the Lord Jesus was born. Their contention is that, had God wanted for us to know the date of Christ birth, He would have clearly revealed it in the Scriptures.

While millions of people who claim to belong to the Christian faith give no real importance to the probable inaccuracy of Christ’s date of birth, an equal number consider it absurd to celebrate the birth of someone with whom they have no relationship. The truth is that they care not about Christ, have not put their trust in Him, and spend their life disobeying His Word. Jesus left no room for misunderstanding, He indeed stated: “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”

The great majority of the world uses this time of the year to be exuberant in carnal joy. They totally ignore and even ridicule the true reason for this traditional celebration. There are no true consideration, no sincere concern, and no genuine care in their heart or mind for Christ. That reality frustrates some believers who find it blasphemous for those unbelievers to use the matchless name of the Lord in such a vain manner. They are offended because the ungodly dare use the precious name of Christ in their festivity, yet without believing in the One whom they are supposed to be celebrating!

It’s a good thing that the President of the US is taking the fight against atheists and the PC regulators who have forced the use of “Happy Holidays!” upon the American society instead of the customary “Merry Christmas!” Here in Haiti, “Noël” is nothing more than a tradition, a money making scheme, a time to party and to enjoy oneself with family and friends. The Apostle John explained in 1John 2:23 - Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father either; he who acknowledges the Son has the Father also. Why start a fight with the ungodly about the use of the word “Christmas”? It’s meaningless! The message of the Christian church has lost its zest and became ambiguous because it has ceased to be about the sacrifice of our Lord on the cross. We are trying to change people’s mind on irrelevant issues instead of preaching/teaching them the Gospel leading them to repentance and praying that God changes their heart!
In all, for every one of these categories of people, there is a common denominator: “they all need to trust Jesus as their Savior, and make Him their Lord!”

A much more accurate statement than “Jesus is the reason for the season” would be: “The season is the reason to come to Christ Jesus.” The season being the time in which we live; these days full of wickedness, of total depravity, of deep darkness, of great hatred, and repulsive immorality. That season should be the reason we prepare for the return of the Lord Jesus.

As last days prophecies are being fulfilled right before our eyes, and signs of the return of Christ are being clearly revealed to our generation, let us neither ignore nor reject the warnings of God who desires none to perish. More than ever, this season is the time to repent and be prepared for the return of Jesus Christ!

Has Christ been born in your heart after you’ve repented of your sins and put an end to your rebellion against God? Have you been born again through the power of the Holy Spirit, and are you being transformed in the likeness of Jesus Christ, the Son of God?

Well then, Merry Christmas to you!

Guy R. Mompoint
Operation Save a Soul
OSS Ministry – Haiti