OSS Ministry mission is to care for the souls. We do so by preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teaching the Word of God, while loving and serving the people.

1. To Men
OSS Ministry believes, as taught in the Bible, that men ought to be the spiritual leaders of their homes. They must be active in providing godly direction for their family, be a living example of that which they teach, and be actively involved in feeding their children and household with spiritual nourishment from the Word of God. They must thrive to become true Disciples of Christ by developing the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, patience, peace, goodness, longsuffering, humility, faith, and gentleness.

2. To Women
OSS Ministry looks at the description of the woman given to us by the Lord in Proverbs 31; and we firmly believe that it should be a pattern, a blue print for every Christian woman. The woman’s submission to the leadership of her husband is not a politically correct concept, but it is what the Word of God tells us, and that’s what we teach.

3. To the Youth
At OSS Ministry we develop, evaluate, and disseminate programs that fight against and confront kids’ developmental thinking as framed by the school system. Their worldview and beliefs are not biblical and mainly anti-God. Whether preached to adults or to young kids, the Gospel of Christ is the same, and we speak it in truth, without alterations. The pure and simple Good News of Jesus Christ death, resurrection, and glorification is what every person in the world needs regardless of their age.