As a Christian Organization, we are primarily accountable to the Lord who sees all and knows all. Accountability, thus, is the most important part our ministry. Our utmost desire is to serve the Lord with a sincere heart. It is then imperative that we do so with a clear expression of our motives to those who support us financially.


OSS Ministry is an Evangelical Christian non-profit organization.

We receive 100% of our financial support from donations by Christians and those whose hearts have been touched by the Lord to help Haiti through our mission. As part of our commitment to Christian stewardship, our Administrative Committee manages all income and expenditures of OSS Ministry and our records can be reviewed for accuracy and reliability.

We are not supported directly by any Mission, Association, or Church.

We take very seriously our responsibility to the born again brothers and sisters who contribute funds for the advancement of the Gospel, and strive to use every dollar invested as wisely as possible.


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