From Globalism to the Antichrist (Part 13)

By Guy R. Mompoint

Oct 2018


Twenty First Century Haitians

Ayisyen 21èm Syèk

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Message #13


Hello friend,


We’ve been looking at the 13 main themes within the globalists plan to dominate and control the nations of the world.

Theme number seven will expand our comprehension on the role played by Education and the quest to rewrite history. Message #13 will be devoted solely to Education.

7. Education & History

8. Science & Technology

9. Energy & Resources

10. Law & Justice

11. Health & Medicine

12. Philanthropy & NGO’s

13. Secret Societies & the Occult


Originally the term dumbing down was used as a slang expression in 1933 by film screenwriters to mean “revising [the script] so as to appeal to those of lower education or intelligence.”

A well informed and educated population is the last thing the globalist want as they prepare to bring the people through the greatest period of change in human history. To accomplish this, some researchers have been reporting for decades the plan by the globalists to systematically reduce the quality of education and chemically reduce the IQ of the population by adding fluoride to the water and mercury or aluminum to the vaccines.

In this gross deception, the elite’s carefully orchestrated plans have two distinct purposes.

The first purpose is to deceive the populace into believing their manufactured lies. To prevent any of this from being found out, all kinds of deceptions and distractions have been created to take the attention of people elsewhere. In an average day, a person spends eight hours at work, four watching movies, three enjoying a sport’s game, and two listening to the same news over and over again... people everywhere are entertained and distracted to the max!

The second is to advance their agenda for total global domination with minimal resistance, because the populace don’t know that they’ve been deceived by the first purpose. The agenda has been implemented to condition and brainwash a population of mindless, robotic citizenry that simply does what it is told; and of course the brainwashing commences early in school. That includes replacing reason and rationale with emotion and passion, and to comply with the politically correct norms.

A critical component to ensuring the globalists’ domination and control of a society has been to gain power over the educational system of a country. The principal organization in this regard is UNESCO, an organization founded by Julian Huxley who also founded the Eugenics Society and the World Health Organization (WHO). The purpose of UNESCO and government controlled education is to indoctrinate/brainwash the young into adopting a particular view of history and the world in which they live in order to create a more compliant servant/worker.

It’s unfathomable that of Haiti’s nearly four million school-aged children, more than half a million will never attend school. Perhaps even more shocking is the fact that among those that attend school, about two million will learn so little while in school that they will not be much better off than the kids who never went to school. As a consequence, the prognosis for Haiti’s future economic growth and social development is extremely poor. Gradually, generations of Haitian students have become less proficient in scientific studies, show much less ability in writing skills, and are overall less informed. While the highest IQ score among 10 year-olds in the world is 124, Haitians of that age group scored an average of 67. The fruit of our education system was among the very best in the world sixty to seventy years ago. What has caused such a great decline? Why and who made the decision to change something that was working very well? The previous paragraph gave us the answer.

Whether it is widespread remains unclear, but dumbing down curricula and lowering academic benchmarks has wider implications for the global economy. The thinking goes that by lowering standards in math, reading, and science, students may be unable to achieve at a high level. Here are eight specifics to that effort:

1. Increased Toxins: An article in Time Magazine confirmed that over the last 10 years, increased environmental toxicity has contributed to lowering the average IQ and doubling incidences of developmental disorders.

2. More Mind-Altering Drugs: Adults have also been increasingly drugged (as well as suffering from the increased environmental toxicity). For example, the increased prescribing of opioid painkillers in the USA has led to a serious addiction epidemic. Consistent with an increase in anxiety and depression, brain-altering antidepressants are also being prescribed more than ever. In Haiti, the consumption of beer, hard liquor, and clairin is off the charts, even in the rural areas.

3. Psychiatry and the ‘Mental Disorder’ Diagnosis fraud: A major reason for the increased drugging has been psychiatry’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM), which is used to define and therefore diagnose mental disorders. In the 1930’s there were only 34 mental disorders listed; now there are over 370. All these disorders have been invented by the psychiatric industry from a collection of symptoms, however there is no objective scientific evidence to support their diagnoses — nor is there evidence to support conventional psychiatric treatments.

4. Toxic Food: Food and water supplies have been made toxic by design: Besides making us sluggish and foggy minded, a rise in toxic food consumption has contributed greatly to increasing illnesses, in particular, life-threatening diseases such as cancer. Remember, it isn’t just about dumbing us down; the ruling elite also want a significant global depopulation to make their tyrannical rule of a dumbed down society, easier.

5. ‘Common Core’ Education: The modern education system is yet another dumbing-down agenda. The ruling elite don’t want young people to grow up and be creative, or to think outside the box, because they perceive those traits as a threat.

6. The Suppression of Free Speech: “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.” ~ Noam Chomsky.

For some time, internet and social media giants such as Google, Facebook and Twitter have been increasingly censoring the online world. Alternative news websites are increasingly being censored, and their social following inhibited. And if you are deemed by these corporations to be engaged in ‘anti-government speech’, for example, then you will be deleted on the basis of ‘extremism.’

7. The Mainstream Media: In the silent war on humanity, the mainstream media is a clear and present danger. With its mind-controlling propaganda and mindless distraction factor, our society is in danger of becoming irreversibly enslaved without ever realizing the ulterior motives connected to their enslavement.

8. Control of Academia: Most grants to scientists and other academics at the university level come from the elite through their control of their foundations (see section on Philanthropy/NGOs). Because of this, the elite steer the direction of research by giving money for certain projects while not funding other avenues of research. All academics are dependent on these grants and are thus controlled lackeys for the elite, just as politicians are puppets of their donors. Most of Haitians intellectuals have been programmed within the globalists’ mindset. Whatever they learned is either inapplicable in Haiti or would be damaging to Haiti; that explains the incompetence and mediocrity in just about all aspects of our society, particularly in the past thirty years.

That’s bad; that’s sad!

We need a new breed of Haitians: 21st Century Haitians!


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Reminder: Proverbs 22:6 - Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.


* Some passages and assessments contained in this text were inspired by or quoted from articles/posts read on sites such as Conservative Tree House, the Globalist Agenda and others.

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Guy R. Mompoint is the leader of OSS Ministry, an Evangelical Non-Profit Organization in Haiti, incorporated in the State of Florida since 1998. He is completing a “March of Repentance” in all 10 departments, 145 Communes, and 576 Communal Sections in Haiti. Yet, the most important project currently undertaken by Guy is the New Testament Creole translation of the Original King James Version Bible, along with a recorded reading of all 66 books. Contact Guy at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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