From Globalism to the Antichrist (Part 9)

By Guy R. Mompoint

Oct 2018


Twenty First Century Haitians

Ayisyen 21èm Syèk

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Message #9


Hello friend,

Finance and Economics”, the second theme of the Globalists procedure manual, is the most important element of their operation; after all, it’s all about the MONEY. In this Message, we will take a look at how Economy, Business and Trade are intertwined, and how the Trump economic doctrine is thwarting the Globalist economic design.


Business & Trade

National Security starts with Economic Security

Understanding the complexity of Trump’s MAGA (Make America Great Again) doctrine.

Against the unfamiliar environment of economic success, many Americans and people around the world are beginning to question decades-old economic assumptions. Those who ventured to take a close look at the fundamentals behind President Trump’s economic revitalization plan realized it was going to be a forced return to Main Street economy!

Few, today, understand the MAGA economic reset and what was predicted to happen in the space between disconnecting a Wall Street economic engine (based on globalism and multinationals) and restarting a Main Street economic engine (based on nationalism/America-First). A return to a traditional true and pure capitalist economy based on investment and job growth in manufacture, agriculture, natural resources and service sectors! The US had lost more than 60,000 factories in the past three decades; and four million jobs disappeared as a result. During the 2016 Presidential campaign, President Obama stated that manufacturing jobs will never come back to the US; the Globalists blueprint was to strangle the American Main Street economy by turning the US into a consumer market dependent on imported goods as opposed to a producer and exporter of goods.

Three decades ago, the value of the second economy (Wall Street) surpassed the value of the first economy (Main Street). Almost all investments, new plants, new and old companies were expanding outside of the USA; the bulk of globalist investing was directed towards other parts of the globe. A more consequential aspect that happened is that US politicians became more valuable to the Wall Street team than the Main Street team; and Wall Street had deeper pockets because their economy was now larger. Wall Street then started funding political candidates and asking for legislation that benefited their multinational interests.

Wall Street = Virtual/Global economy! Main Street = Real/Local economy!

President Donald Trump is 100% pure MAIN STREET, that’s it! He stands in the defense of American business interests at a micro-cellular level.

When Wall Street began purchasing the legislative influence, the outcomes therein became beneficial to Wall Street. Those benefits are detached from improving the livelihoods of main street Americans because the benefits are “global”. Global financial interests, multinational investment interests -and corporations therein- became the primary filter through which the outcomes of legislative body in Washington DC were considered.

That helps us better understand why just about all businessmen and politicians (even the majority of Republican in Congress) oppose President Trump’s economic policies.



1. WTO

The World Trade Organization (WTO), is an international organization established to supervise and liberalize world trade. President Trump has been frustrated with the WTO, which sets the standards and rules that govern other international trade agreements and provides a forum for resolving disputes. He specifically wants the Geneva-based body to take a tougher stance on China's steel dumping, the decades-long theft of U.S. intellectual property, and countless other violations by China that have been ignored by the WTO.


2. China - (US trade deficit >$375 Billion)

China is still a communist dictatorship, though it has adopted a few aspects of capitalism in order to participate in global trade. Unlike America’s free-trade approach, communist capitalism operates on the strategy of mercantilism and plays the game by its own rules. For about three decades, at the directives of the Globalists, all U.S. administrations have been enablers to China’s approach. China continually challenges the U.S. by ignoring free-market rules and doing whatever it takes to capture market share. Meanwhile, the U.S. looks the other way when China breaks the rules, thus encouraging them to do it again.


{From For many years, China has pursued industrial policies and unfair trade practices—including dumping, discriminatory non-tariff barriers, forced technology transfer, over capacity, and industrial subsidies—that champion Chinese firms and make it impossible for many United States firms to compete on a level playing field.

§ China’s industrial policies, such as its “Made in China 2025” plan, harm companies in the United States and around the world.

§ China imposes much higher tariffs on United States exports than the United States imposes on China.


§ China’s average tariff rate is nearly three times higher than the average United States rate.

§ Certain products are even more imbalanced, for instance the United States charges a 2.5 percent tariff on Chinese cars, while China currently maintains a 25 percent tariff on cars from the United States.


China has banned imports of United States agricultural products such as poultry, cutting off America’s ranchers and farmers from a major market for their goods.

China has dumped and unfairly subsidized a range of goods for the United States market, undermining America’s domestic industry.}

The most recent example is the steel industry. According to The American Steel and Iron Institute, American steel mills have had to lay off 13,500 employees because China has been dumping steel in the U.S. The Chinese steel companies can sell steel at below-market prices because they are state-owned and, by definition, are subsidized by the government.

Another aspect of their plot, China is refusing to buy Boeing products if the company does not move to China. Why? It’s not about putting Chinese people to work, it’s about China importing their research and development, Boeing’s production secrets, into their country so they can learn, steal and begin to manufacture their own airliners. All of those Boeing workers in the US, those high-wage industrial skill jobs that support the American middle class are lost. And the cycle continues.

This is just how China works. It has bullied its way into the global market, and until the entrance of Donald Trump on the scene, no one uttered a word to oppose it.

3. NAFTA - (US trade deficit >$88 Billion)

China sneaked through NAFTA to access the US market.

a) Mexico - (US trade deficit >$71 Billion)

b) Canada - (US trade deficit >$17 Billion)

The Trump Administration just signed a new trade agreement with Mexico and a reluctant Canada. NAFTA will soon become USMCA (US-Mexico-Canada Agreement)


4. EU - (US trade deficit >$151 Billion)

The Trump Administration is renegotiating a new trade agreement with the EU; and seek a bilateral trade agreement with the United Kingdom (when/if Brexit ever occurs)

5. Japan - (US trade deficit >$69 Billion)

The Trump Administration is renegotiating a new trade agreement with Japan.

6. South Korea - (US trade deficit >$17 Billion)

The Trump Administration just signed a new trade agreement with South Korea.

Folks, that’s what true capitalism looks like; and when applied anywhere on the globe, that’s the fruit it yields: Prosperity, Jobs, National Security and independence. The future of Haiti should not rest on the shoulders of Globalists and their NGO’s, for they do not seek out the interests of the Haitian people. Haiti needs informed patriotic and courageous leaders prepared to face and resist the globalization force wherever, however and whenever necessary, for the sake of our nation and of its people. For the very first time, we have an American Administration that displays and asserts a totally different stance on just about all crucial aspects of the relationship between the two countries for the past two centuries. Will we continue to witness the anti-Trump posture of this current government which is controlled by and submissive to the Globalists, the US Democrat Party and the Clintons?

I pray not!


Thank you for reading.



Reminder: "I tell you the truth, unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God." English Standard Version Jesus answered him, "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God." (John 3:3)


* Some passages and assessments contained in this text were inspired by or quoted from articles/posts read on sites such as Conservative Tree House, the Globalist Agenda and others.

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Guy R. Mompoint is the leader of OSS Ministry, an Evangelical Non-Profit Organization in Haiti, incorporated in the State of Florida since 1998. He is completing a “March of Repentance” in all 10 departments, 145 Communes, and 576 Communal Sections in Haiti. Yet, the most important project currently undertaken by Guy is the New Testament Creole translation of the Original King James Version Bible, along with a recorded reading of all 66 books. Contact Guy at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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