OSS Ministry Inc. is a State of Florida non-profit organization created in February 1998 to preach the Gospel of Christ and teach the Word of God to the people of Haiti whether in the Diaspora or in the main island.

During over five decades of missionary involvement in Haiti, the American evangelical church has done its best. However, today, insecurity and the marked degradation of every aspect of life in the country have changed their focus towards the social aspects of living and moved the Gospel to a secondary role. The Haitian people have been desperate and quick to believe in any lie. Catholicism, Islam, Jehovah witness, Mormons, false gospels, and New Age have been quite successful lately at exposing the masses to their deceptions.

While bringing the Gospel of Christ to millions in Haiti, the issue of illiteracy was neglected. It is shocking to hear people in America say: “The Holy Spirit will help them grow!” To those, we usually reply; “Where would you be spiritually today without reading your Bible and hearing the Word of God?”

The truth is that no spiritual growth and no faith in God can be attained without the Word of God.

OSS Ministry has worked on putting the entire Creole Bible on cassette, using “Bib Kreyòl la”, a much superior and reliable version by Bibles International. We are also distributing Sermons, Bible Studies on CDs. We also have a radio program called “Verite ki libere lèzòm” (The Truth that frees humanity) and we pray that we will soon have our own little radio station in Haiti. Our ministry is small, but our mission is big to handle alone.

We need the help and participation of born again Christians.